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Give your home and kitchen a fresh new look with brand new custom cabinets. We have years of experience designing, crafting, and installing custom cabinetry in the Avondale area. We have worked on some of the most exclusive luxury residential and commercial properties in Avondale, Arizona, from the 85323 to 85392, with custom pieces to fit into your unique space. At Avondale Custom Cabinets our work spans the spectrum from handmade custom kitchen cabinets, hardwood countertops, bathroom cabinets, and more. At Avondale Custom Cabinets we work closely with our clients, to turn their inspiration into reality.

Cabinets are prominently featured in your home, and it is an important part of any remodeling endeavor. Remodeling your home is a large investment, and it is an important step to choose the right kind of cabinet. Our cabinets are made to order right here in Avondale, and we are committed to providing stunningly beautiful and space saving pieces of custom cabinetry. It doesn’t matter if you need slab doors, recessed panel doors, or hickory wood cabinets, we can help you select the many different choices to build the perfect cabinets for you. All these tiny details pave the way to produce a more functional, classy, and polished cabinet.

Call Avondale Custom Cabinets today to get a free estimate on the cabinetry for your home remodel. You can work with one of our custom cabinetry specialists to help you express your vision for your home, and we will walk you through the process from design to installation.
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Information about Our Services

Great design is the cornerstone of elegant and functional custom cabinets. From kitchen cabinets, hardwood countertops, bath cabinets, to floating shelves. Work together with one of our custom cabinetry experts to help you plan your cabinets, and we will walk you through every step from design to installation. Our craftsmen have years of experience, and our attention to detail can help you turn your dream home into reality.

The Whole Process

A. Planning and Initial Estimate Phase

The first step is speaking to an expert craftsmen at Avondale Custom Cabinets about exactly what you want from your custom cabinetry. A great place to begin, is to send over the measurements of your rooms, either through architectural blueprints or sketches. During this initial discussion, we start developing the first estimate. This will begin the planning phase, and we can assist you with making the final decisions on what you want.

B. Completing the Final Designs

During this phase we will start creating the design based on your feedback. You can give us your input and feedback through email and phone, and exact measurements will be obtained onsite. During this phase we can further cement a clear vision about the project’s approximate deadline, materials, and layout. At the end of this phase we will know the cost of the project.

C. Finalized Plans and Initial Deposit

We now provide a payment schedule since we will understand the scope and materials that will be necessary to deliver. The payment process is scheduled to coordinate with the remaining steps the production of the cabinetry, and the on-site installation.

Once you have accepted the final draft of the plans and pay the initial deposit, the building begins! This is followed by a set of drawings that will show the final measurements and materials. We need to have a final approval before going to fabrication, as changes will result in a much longer delivery date. As soon as we receive your final approval the fabrication phase will initiate.

D. On-Site Installation and Cabinets Fabrication

This is the final and most exciting step. Using the final plans, we fabricate your cabinetry in our workshop right here in Avondale. After your furniture is completely built, we move everything on site for the installation process. The final deposit is due when the entire project is completed, which normally takes between 4 to 8 weeks. The length of time your particular project should take depends on your specifications, the number of pieces, the style, woods you select, and labor time.

Start your Remodel with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you are the type of person that is frequently in your kitchen, than having an elegant and orderly space to cook and hang out could greatly improve your quality of life. We have tons of experience assisting our clients with their unique layouts for their homes and creating beautiful and functional cabinets that really add to the feeling of your living space.

At Avondale Custom Cabinets we elevate your kitchen design by using your ideas, maximizing storage space, and putting it all together with high quality wood and hardware. By striving for this merger all of our clients receive a one-of-a-kind design along with great quality wood finishes and premium aesthetics. From mullion doors to varnish finishes, there is an abundance of choice you can make, and Avondale Custom Cabinetsis here to help you create the custom kitchen cabinets of your dreams.

As with any other part of the house, kitchen design trends are also ever evolving. Thus, when it comes to upgrading your kitchen and furnishing it with the latest designs, it is ideal to opt for a choice that satiates your style and taste, can appreciate your value of your home, and potentially outlast fashion trends.

Custom Hardwood Countertops

The countertop is the soul of any kitchen, where all the main activities goes down. Countertops can store your appliances, be the platform for cooking a delightful dinner, or just a nice space for a conversation with a glass of wine and some d’oeuvres. Kitchen countertops are constantly being used, so installing a custom hardwood countertop is an excellent solution to give your kitchen an upgrade.

Countertops see a lot of daily activity, so it is key to pick a wood that is hard to ding and scratch, such as the mighty oak. At Avondale Custom Cabinets we provide the top of the line custom hardwood countertops, that will look remarkable, be tough enough to endure for years and years. You can choose various woods such as the grey elm, Douglas firs, mahogany to name a few. Don’t be confused about the myriad of options, call Avondale Custom Cabinets today and we he can help you select the options that make sense for your kitchen!
Top Quality Hard Woods

An amazing idea and well-made plans is the starting point for an elegant custom cabinet. The following step is only using the highest quality hardwoods and expert craftsmanship. High quality woods make your cabinets look great and have superior durability, so it will stay looking great for a longer period of time.

We use the industry-leading manufacturers of cabinet hardware, such as Blum, Grass, Salice, and Hafele are used in the cabinets that we produce. The expert craftsmen of Avondale Custom Cabinets have been producing customized cabinets of all styles for many years. Our experience spans classic styles to sleek modern designs, and we always strive to give you the best style and storage space no matter what the style.

Handcrafted Custom Media Centers

An item that is requested often is a custom entertainment centers, otherwise known as custom media centers. Custom entertainment centers can cover unsightly wiring, remote controllers, and other related gear, to clear your living room from clutter and create a relaxing mood. Your television is the epicenter of your entertainment area, so by building a beautiful piece of furniture that will also help you organize, can significantly increase the beauty of your room.

Most ready to assemble (RTA) media centers are mass produced from cheap materials, such as particle board and plastic veneers, and get damaged easily. At Avondale Custom Cabinets we exclusively use the highest quality lumber to build your custom entertainment center, and your entertainment center will look great today for years to come. Custom media centers can also be custom made to house wires and cables, which can also improve the look of your living room.

Handcrafted Bath Cabinets and Custom Vanities

If you want to renovate your bathroom with a more elegant look and feel, than custom bathroom vanities and cabinets is a great option. Step one of building the plans for your custom bath cabinetry is itemizing what you think you are going to need to store. Do you need a rack to house your towels? Do you have limited square footage in your home, and really need to optimize the storage space? Do you need a specific space for applying makeup application on your vanity? The next step would be to speak to one of our experienced carpenters at Avondale Custom Cabinets to merge your ideas and needs into the custom cabinet plans.

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